You “Otter” Know…Seattle Center Monorail is our 2014 Corporate Partner Award Recipient!

For more than fifty years, the Monorail has stood as an example of what our community can achieve with a shared vision for the future.

For the past year, Wellspring has been fortunate to be directly impacted by that vision, thanks to the unwavering commitment of Monorail leadership, staff, conductors, and of course, the famous Monorail mascots, Bunny and Otter!  Together, they have helped lead the way for Wellspring children and families in so many ways – from raising visibility and awareness of our mission, to direct financial support and workplace giving, to hosting free field trips for the students in our Early Learning Center, all of whom have experienced the negative effects of trauma and homelessness. 

It all started in the spring of 2013 at our annual Powerful Change luncheon, when several members of the Monorail’s leadership team – with a dapper Monorail bunny in tow – wanted to learn more about Wellspring’s work in King County, and how we help children and families win their resilience, and triumph over trauma.  Inspired by the stories of Kerry, Hortencia, and John that year, the Seattle Center Monorail was inspired to hop on board.

Since then, Wellspring has been fortunate to be the Seattle Monorail’s charitable partner for the past two years for the Seattle Foundation’s annual GiveBIG day in Seattle.  Using their trains as a visibility platform (quite literally!), the Monorail has provided more than $40,000 of in-kind campaign support for Wellspring, including advertising, social media publicity, and the setting for our 2014 GiveBIG video starring Caspar Babypants, Monorail Bunny, and Wellspring Kids Helping Kids participants aboard the Red Train.  The visibility boost the past two years resulted in an increase in donations on GiveBIG day to Wellspring year-over-year, including a 35% increase in total donations in 2014 to help support our vital programs. That’s big!

The Seattle Center Monorail’s commitment to children and families in crisis is also clear through the field trip opportunities they’ve provided for the homeless students in our Early Learning Center.  Our ELC has a limited budget for field trips, so the chance to spend a complimentary afternoon learning about the Monorail in-action – complete with an age-appropriate tour, ride, and meeting with Monorail Bunny –created the ideal opportunity to get students excited about their upcoming transportation unit in class and express their enthusiasm through hand-drawn pictures of their new friend Monorail Bunny and their adventures aboard the Monorail.

We can’t wait to formally recognize Monorail leadership, staff, and Monorail Bunny with a very special thank you gift in January (stay tuned!), for all that they have done – and continue to do – for Wellspring through all forms of involvement and corporate giving, from all levels and roles within their workplace.

Thank you, Seattle Center Monorail, for your incredible commitment to our community, and for serving as a reminder of all that is possible in our great city when we give together!