“With Wellspring, I knew ‘I can do this. I can focus’ ”

2016 Ada vignette


Ada had a dream.

A new life – one without violence – a business to support her children, and a home to nurture them in.

She was closing in on it when life took another turn.

She and two daughters had already fled a violent relationship and rebuilt their lives in the United States. She had won custody of her children and secured a restraining order against her former husband. She had gotten her green card, learned English, and built a business. 

But the legal costs depleted her savings. 

Her new husband lost his job. 

She couldn’t make rent.

Four years ago, Ada moved into a homeless shelter with four children, one just a toddler and two with special needs. 

But just last fall, she realized her dream and bought a house. She credits, “First God, then Wellspring.”

Her story is resilience defined. As Ada puts it, sometimes you just need a little bit of help. 



  • re·sil·ience: The ability to become strong, healthy or successful again after something bad happens

“I marry in Guadalajara when I was 22 years old. But it was … terrible relationship. I cannot go anywhere … Sorry, I can’t … I cannot go with my mom. I can only work … and clean.

“I don’t believe in me. I want to die.”

That was her life for 10 years. Her husband was controlling, then threatening. Then he attacked.

She fled, selling two businesses for cash and heading north, to brothers in Seattle.

“When I came I feel so different. I feel free! Poor, no money, but free!”

She created a new life and built a new business. She remarried, had two more children close together.

And then a job loss sent them into homelessness. The marriage faltered.

Ada and her children were living in a car when she connected to Community Services.

Wellspring helped her stabilize – first with essentials like emergency shelter, diapers and a deposit for an apartment, then with counseling. She enrolled her youngest children in our trauma-informed Early Learning Center

Once those basic needs were met, the stress lifted. As Ada describes it, she could focus. 

“When I have the bad, bad things, or the bad time, I live one day. Only. Day by day.

“When I knew Wellspring, I was focused again, and I can do it again. I have consejeria in Wellspring, so I feel strong again.”

Wellspring helped Ada with the deposit for transitional housing. She worked on budgeting and goal setting. She had access to parenting support and counseling. She was able to build a network of support through her church. And later, Wellspring helped negotiate an extension so Ada could transition straight into her own home.

“We moved into the housing for four years. And in that four years, we save money. So I take my business and I save money, and I am looking for my house, because it was my dream.

"And now, I have my business and I have my own house. So good. Soo goood. And my dreams come true!”

“Pero gente como yo, que quieren crecer, esta ayuda de Wellspring es muy buena. Es importante porque muchas personas como yo que quiern crecer y no pueden, solo necesita un pequeῆo empuje, un poco de ayuda, es importante."*

“I believe again. I can go up again.”

Ada bought her home in October 2015 ... and her children are thriving.


You can view Ada's full video story here.

*Translation: “For people like me who want to grow, Wellspring’s help is so good. So important. Because many people like me want to succeed but just need a little boost, a little bit of help.”