Professional Training & Certification


At Wellspring, we believe it is our obligation to give back by sharing our knowledge and expertise throughout the professional community.

We offer professional training opportunities in support of this and the next generation of professionals:

View our entire calendar of events to learn what classes and training dates are coming up. Wellspring is your resource where you can enhance your career, maintain your licensure, and take advantage of a variety of continuing education opportunities. 


**At this time we are only able to offer continuing education credits for master’s level clinicians for Balancing Risk Management workshops.  If you are licensed as a practitioner other than a LMHC, LMFT, LICSW or LASW or any of the corresponding Associate categories, we cannot offer continuing education credits  (CPE or CME).   We are able to offer CPEs and CMEs for our Working With Suicidal Clients.

Keep in touch and be kept up-to-date via email about upcoming programs and classes.



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